Limted Edition FORGE Carbon Fiber Mini Plate 



each plate has a countered engrave on the bottom (xxx/350)


At just 4.5'' wide and weighs 1oz this mini plate is your ultimate luxury companion. Fits in every pocket or purse. The plate has dedicated slots that are suitable with the Carbon Fiber Card and Straw Kit, and In addition, there is a dedicated groove.


Each plate comes with a luxury hexagon box that can hold in addition to the plate,  our card&straw kit, and the dedicated plate heater. *Please watch the video above

The Plate is 100% Forged Carbon fiber.
Antibacterial - Clean.
Anti-static - No residue.
The plate is 11.5 cm (4.5 inches), 3mm thick and weighs only 1.1oz (33gr).


* Limited for 4 plates per costomer


**Warning – Only use our dedicated heater to heat the plate, As this plate is made of Carbon Fiber, please do not put it in a microwave or near open flame**

Forged Carbon Fiber Mini Plate

  • The Plate is 100% forged carbon fiber, the card and straw are 100% 3k Twill Carbon fiber.

    • The plate is 11.5 cm (4.5 inches), 3mm thick and weighs only 1.1oz (33gr)


    • Thinner than a credit card.
    • the same size of a credit card - 3.370'' ×2.125'' (85.60 × 53.98 mm).


    • The straw length is the same as a dollar note 2.75'' (7 cm) and has an inner diameter of 0.2'' (5 mm).
    • One smooth edge.
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