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Every time someone purchases something from my store, he gets a part of me, a piece of my Carbon Fiber heart, so in short, I'll try to tell you whose heart you are holding.
​My name is Charlie. My gang calls me Charlie White. I've always been around. You even saw me a few times... I'm the guy you saw surfing that huge wave on Byron Bay, then sings your melodies by the fire with acoustic guitar, the guy hugging the speakers on the biggest raves. The guy you see exiting the toilet with two girls (or guys, or both actually), and a big smile, right before you walk in. But most of the time, I'm the bearded tattooed bartender helping on your first date.


Back in 2017, starting with my "poison," I designed the Cock by Charlie – Carbon fiber card and straw, something to replace your old dented credit card and the worn-out rolled $100 bill. After a huge success, I added the VIP XL/MINI Carbon fiber plates. Now, what do you know ... the Diploma at UTS paid off. Knowing that Carbon Fiber does not play nice with different heating sources, a long search and research brought you the Plate Heater, a fine addition to our set of tools. Promising it won't be the last.

Like coming home, I always go back to my real passion, the bar, and I design the METHanol – carbon fiber speed bottle opener and ice chisel, an upgrade to the most used tool in any bartender kit.

The next chapter is now in writing...subscribe for updates!

All products are worldwide inspired but designed and made in the USA.

I offer LIFETIME WARRANTY and 30 days' money back if you think your old way was better.


And don't forget..." PURE is HAPPINESS"

Charlie White

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