Carbon Fiber Speed Bottle Opener And Ice Chisel

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After almost 30 years bartending, serving in the smallest joints, flaring in the biggest clubs, mixing in the most prestige cocktail bars, all over the world. I took the tool I used the most in my kit, the speed bottle opener, and designed the most up to date speed bottle opener in the market.
The extremely lightweight and the fact that it's nearly unbreakable make it a tool every bartender need to have in his kit. The upgraded design of the traditional speed opener and the carbon fiber material are the ingredients for love at first sight, the practical features I added like the ice block chisel, ice strainer, pourer spout remover are what will make you marry it. And you know what comes after marriage....the baby, and his name is METHanol.

METHanol | What's your poison - 100% Carbon fiber speed bottle opener
Material: 3K Twill Matte Carbon Fiber
Legth: 6.7'' (17cm).
Width: 1.18''-1.57'' (3-4cm).
Thickness: 0.118'' (3mm).
Wight: 0.7oz (20gr).
This luxurious bottle opener will be the last Opener you'll ever need for your bar needs.
- A pourer spout remover. 
- One side acts as a chisel and scraper of ice    blocks and the opposite side is flat for hitting and breaking the ice block. 
- METHanol carving for powder decoration.
- Curved middle for using as a shaker ice strainer. 
- Ergonomic design for a comfortable and quick opening.
- Double sided. 
- Well sized, Extremely lightweight and 5 times more durable than steel.

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