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MINI/XL Carbon Fiber Plates & Dedicated Plate Heater

2 Sizes available, Mini 4.5'' and XL 9''. The Pure Carbon Fiber plates are suitable with our Carbon Fiber Card and Straw Kit, it will be the perfect piece on your living room table, your best traveling companion. the plates are completely smooth and anti-static, with a black matte finish you’ll be able to see every residue left. As carbon fiber is extremely durable the plate will not scratch nor break.


100% PURE Carbon Fiber Card & Straw

Do you respect what you do?   With all the money you spent on what you love (or as I call it "PURE love") are you giving it the full respect it deserves? Is your old dented credit card enough? A worn-out rolled $100 bill…come on….think about it for a second.


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100% Carbon Fiber Tumbling Blocks

HIGH by Charlie 

Upgrading is what we do.

Turning classics into modern, Making boring fun. 
HIGH by Charlie - Carbon fiber tumbling tower game challenges player's mental and physical skills. 




 Pure Carbon Fiber Double-Six Luxury Dominoes Set 

Dominoes by Charlie 


Professional Tournament Size Dominoes made out of 100% 3K Carbon fiber with hand-painted White pips.

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Solid 12K Carbon Fiber Dice

CRAPs by Charlie | Takes the luck out of winning 

Ideal for craps, backgammon, Yahtzee and all other dice games.

will take your game to the next level.



100% Handmade Carbon Fiber Ring

Charlie's Brand Cock Engraved Ring


A luxurious ring and noticeable by looks it is almost unnoticeable by weight, you will love showing off. 
without even noticing you wear it, people will definitely will notice you.
Wonderful as a gift, for either to yourself, your boyfriend, husband or anyone else.


Men's Black Gloss Finish Stainless Steel engraved ring.

A luxurious ring, noticeable by looks and by weight, you will love showing off. 


2D Invisible Carbon Fiber Flat Wallet

This amazing wallet is a tad bigger than a credit card and has the same thickness as one, it can hold up to 15 notes (folded 3 ways) or 5 cards on each side, it can hold both sides in full capacity, (for example, you can carry with this wallet $1500 (or double that if you fold the notes in half), 3 credit cards, a driver's license and of course my famous CBC card.

Carbon Fiber Speed Bottle Opener

After almost 30 years bartending all over the world. I took the tool I used the most in my kit, the speed bottle opener, and designed the most up to date speed bottle opener in the market.

The extremely lightweight and the fact that it's nearly unbreakable make it a tool every bartender need to have in his kit. The practical features I added like the ice block chisel, ice strainer, pourer spout remover are what makes it a must. 

          METHanol | What's your poison


All products are designed and made in the USA 

I offer LIFETIME WARRANTY and 30 days money back if you think your old way was better.

Shipping & Handling

All orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment is made.



- USPS First class shipping (with tracking) - Free.

- 2-3-Days Priority shipping - $9.

- Overnight - $39.



International (we ship to over 200 countries):

- USPS First class  (15-60 days) - $16

    * Due to COVID-19 the protection time is now 60 days

- UPS Express  (2-5days) - was $70, Now $39 .

    * Due to COVID-19 we highly recommend this option


LIFETIME WARRANTY if damaged and 30 days free returns


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