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So... I see you decided to join my gang, I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.

My gang has four membership levels: Blue, Silver, Gold, and White


Membership level: BLUE


As a new customer I’ll slip in your order a new VIP card with your unique code, and you become an official member of my gang, you are one of us, and therefore treated like a family.

The discount code is valid storewide, and you can use as many times as you like on all your future purchases, until the code expires.

The level BLUE membership will be terminated on the last day of each year.

So let me sum it up for you:

  • You get a 10% off of for all your future purchases using your unique coupon code.

  • The code expires every December 31st of every year (if you made your purchase on the last quarter of the year I would let you be part of the next years memberships. and a new coupon code will be sent to you).

  • New products? Sale? You’ll be the first to know. (Require you to supply me with an email address HERE).



Membership level: SILVER


Soo…I can see you are the alpha in your gang, and I can use someone like you… don’t worry I’ll make sure it’ll worth your while.

Are you an influencer in your field? Your friends saw you with one of my products and wanted to know more? Tell them you are part of my gang, and you know somebody who knows somebody who can make a discount.

You can spread the word and make some money while you are at it.

I will supply you with a unique coupon code, whenever someone uses on my website he will get 5% off. However, and here’s the good part, you get 15% of their purchase total to yourself. You don’t even need to know them… spread your coupon to the world. Whenever it’s used the $$$ comes back to you.

So let me sum it up for you:

  • Tell me you want to Level Up to SILVER as easy as using the "messenger” app on the bottom right of the screen, or on any other of my social media, and I will ship you a VIP card with your unique code, then you can go ahead and spread the word.

  • Every purchase on the website using your code will grant the buyer with a 5% discount at checkout, and 15% will be added to your account.

  • First withdrawal can be made only after your account has at least $70, and any other withdrawal could be made when having more than 30$ or you can use any amount in store credit whenever you want (no minimum).

  • Withdrawals could be made by Zella\ PayPal\ Venmo\ FB messenger.

  • Important! : If your code is not used for 6 months it will expire! Withdrawals still can be made as long as you passed the first withdrawal limit.

  • For every new product or upcoming sale, you will get the chance of PRE-ordering it. Even by using your code by yourself, (20% discount in total- 5% when checking out and 15% to your name).

  • For easier communication, I'll provide you with the sales manager phone number.


Membership level: GOLD


When you spend more, you get more! Big spenders get VIP prices and services.

Purchasing one of my combo deals grants you the GOLD level membership.

Let me tell you what it includes:

  • You get your own VIP GOLD level membership card and on it your unique code, the code gives you and whomever you want to share it with 20% off storewide for you.

  • The code and membership will never expire! (you will get a new card every year).

  • Tell me your B-day, and I'll let you choose one of my luxury presents.

  • For every new product coming, you will get the chance of pre-ordering it with 50% OFF, and you will be the first to know on upcoming sales.

  • For someone to talk business with, I'll provide you with the brand manager phone number.


Membership level: WHITE


I see you want to partner up, let's talk business.

White memberships get the best prices (MOQ apply), a free sample of any new product we bring into the market.

good font for creating page titles with impact.

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