Carbon Fiber Herb Grinder Card

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Using my knowledge in engineering and my love for the highlife, I designed the "T.H.€ COCK" the world first 100% 3k Carbon Fiber Herb Grinder Card.
"T.H.€ COCK" is the size of a credit card so you are able to carry it with you at all times, this minimalist design is both elegant and luxurious.

Carbon Fiber is the best material for the job, it's 5x stronger than steel and it's lighter than a credit card, the strength of the carbon keeps the grinder sharp for up to 10,000 uses, the glossy finish makes it easy to clean and with anti-static properties ensures no residue.

"T.H.€ COCK" is built with two layers of grinding surfaces for better user experience the levers are just the perfect length for an easy stroke, the lowered position creates an edge that helps you "stay in lines".
The shape of the grind area let you grind both grinder directions in the same stroke.
Using "T.H.€ COCK" will take you half the strokes than any other card grinder on the market.
The card has 3 round corner and one multi-utility pointy corner.
As for all our products, this grinder has a lifetime warranty (for any physical damage not including heat and fire damages) and 30 days money back guarantee no questions asked.


The card is made out of 100% 3k Twill Carbon fiber.

Antibacterial - Clean.

Anti-static - No residue.


The same size of a credit card - 3.370'' ×2.125'' (85.60 × 53.98 mm).

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